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About Us

BeSafeandProtected2.com was started because many people throughout local neighborhoods like yours, were feeling unsafe. People like you simply wanted more options on how to keep their homes, businessess, family, friends, neighborhoods, and loved ones safe and protected. Because I am a former Air Force member, own a secuirty company, am bodyguard, and train local people like you to be neighborhood watch block captains,I believe that one has to beprepared and have "safety and secuirty" mind set. I would never want anyone to live in fear, but I do want people to be empowered with knowledge, education, and products that can give them a better sense of well being. It is for these reasons and many more BeSafeandProtected2.com was created specifically for YOU!

BeSafeandProtected2.com is your number one all stop shop for self-defense weapons and other protections devices. We started shop specifically because many people throughout neighborhoods like yours were feeling unsafe and needed some way to protect themselves. They simply wanted more options on how to keep themselves, families, loved ones, friends, homes, businesses, and even neighborhoods safe and protected than they already were.

BeSafeandProtected2.com was founded by a former Air Force member who not only owns a security company, but also sums up as a bodyguard who trains local people like you to be neighborhood watch block captains. He founded BeSafeandProtected2.com specifically to help individuals in the society to stay prepared at all times in case of attacks. His goal was to ensure that the common person is empowered enough with the right knowledge, information, and products to give them a better sense of well-being protection-wise.

At BeSafeandProtected2.com, we are stern believers that no one should live in fear of unforeseen attacks. Since our first sale, we have empowered a countless number of people both within and without the United States borders. We have shipped thousands of products with 100% customer satisfaction ratings round the board. It is always our joy knowing that for every sale of a taser gun, pepper spray, or any other self-defense weapon from our online store, an extra person out there is safer and more protected.

We strive to satisfy all our customers by meeting their demands of quality products, reliable customer service, and competitive pricing for all products. In fact, all our products are guaranteed to be defect-free in material and workmanship for 90 days, assuring you that you are buying top-grade quality products.

Give us a chance to earn your trust by providing you with quality self-defense weapons and educating you on security ideas that can help safeguard you, your family and property. Contact us for any queries today!